Faros is situated at the eastern side of Livadia bay, next to the medieval port of Agios Stefanos, approximately 1 km distance from the main centre of Livadia, where the main harbor is. Also, the starting point to one of the most memorable paths of the island.

On the date of arrival, as well as departure, guests (and their luggage) are transferred from the port to Faros by car and the opposite with no costs.

How to Reach Tilos

Tilos island can only be reached by sea transport. In detail:

  1. By airplane to either Rhodes or Kos and then by sea transport from their respective ports to Tilos.
  2. By airplane to Athens, and then by sea transport from Piraeus port to Tilos.
  3. By sea transport from other islands to Tilos (check which islands are connected to Tilos by visiting each ship company's website).

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